bliss & stars method

We fuse science and spirituality, combining astronomy, neuroscience, and Buddhist teachings like mindfulness meditation, into one unique method we call Bliss & Stars.

Our easy-to-use method  fuses the collective powers of meditation, nature, and stargazing. Together, they relax mental hyperactivity, simplify the chaos of modern life, and shape a better future. We believe that when the brain is stimulated by new experiences, it is freed from its old ways.

Wake up and explore the wilderness.

Bliss & Stars Method allows you to clearly see your options, rewire conditioning, choose responses, manage the mind, and ultimately, realize life’s full potential. We are dedicated to helping you become more “yourself” using meditation, self-inquiry, the night sky, and nature.

Bliss & Stars is 100% secular, and can easily compliment any religion or spiritual practice. Our teachings are straight-forward, down-to-earth, and dogma-free.

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The Bliss & Stars Method may cause increased happiness, focus, memory, compassion, and productivity. DO try this at home. ☺️

Bliss & Stars Retreat


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We’re creating a sustainable eco retreat, a serene space where you can breathe in the tranquility of nature, find peace, rewire the brain, and reconnect with Mother Nature. 


…Sometimes, drastic times call for drastic measures. Maybe a radical experience is the only thing capable of breaking the monotony and frustration.

We don’t use any fancy, advanced tech. We use what’s widely available and portable: The breath, body, and night sky.  

Well, that’s not entirely true. We also happen to be building South Africa’s most advanced amateur astronomical observatory.


…Because we are passionate about astronomy, our astronomical heritage, and our state of mind at starlight.

We provide experiences ranging from naked-eye stargazing and meditation to technical courses in advanced astrophotography.

We strive to raise awareness about the importance of protecting dark skies, our ecosystem and humanity. We want to replace disturbed melatonin levels and stress with happiness, peace, and the occasional bonfire storytelling session. 

Our goal is to create the first South African Dark Sky Sanctuary — an oasis of clear, starry nights and a nocturnal environment protected for scientific, natural, educational, and cultural purposes. And of course, your enjoyment.

Planned Opening: November 2019