Ready to discover the foundations of meditation and mindfulness practice in just 7 days? I’ve compiled this “Catch Your Breath” program to answer your burning questions, and teach you all you need to know about meditation and mindfulness. Starting your own practice has never been easier.

Spend just 15 minutes a day.

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New to meditation? This course is for you. In just 7 days, we’ll explore your breath, body, and mind. Our guided meditations will teach you how to calm your nervous system, focus your attention, and overcome challenges. After the course, you’ll walk away ready to deepen your mindfulness meditation practice.

Use Catch Your Breath to establish your meditation practice and use mindfulness in everyday life. You’ll notice an improvement, and start shining from the inside out.

Bliss & Stars meditation program includes 7 steps:

 1. The here and now

I explain what mindfulness is, along with its essential traits. Discover how to embrace kindness and non-judgment – in everyday life and in meditation practice. You’ll also explore breathing sensations through one simple, yet powerful exercise.

2. The power of intention + tips on body posture

The time has come to set up the intention for your practice. Learn how to maintain excellent meditation posture - without injury. 

3. How to be mindful of breathing

Paying attention to the breath is a crucial part of your meditation journey. Learn to practice breathing mindfulness through our simple four-step process.

4. Observe your thoughts

I help you manage the wandering and restless mind. Once you learn to notice, observe, and let go of negative thoughts, everything changes.

5. Check into the body 

Unfortunately, today, most people are not present in their bodies. They live in their minds. Here is a chance to explore how it feels to be one with the body. We’ll perform a simple exercise to encourage you to notice the body as an experience, not a “thing.”

6. Reconnect the mind and body

Learn to use your body as a source of information (emotions, sensations, intuition) to move from being reactive to be responsive.

7. Integrate mindfulness into daily life

I provide you with a guide on how to integrate mindfulness into everyday life.


  • The entire Catch Your Breath 7-Step Program, delivered through email and audio content

  • Access across devices

  • 7x guided meditations

  • BONUS: Self-compassion guided meditation


When you register, you’ll receive a welcome mail. From that point onwards, we’ll send you a new step each morning. You can go through the content in your own time, repeating the course as often as you want.