Basic DSLR astrophotography tutorial

Want to capture stunning images of the universe? Forget the Hubble Space Telescope, multi-million dollar mega-telescope, or advanced equipment. You don’t need a Ph.D. to take amazing pictures of the Milky Way and its bright deep-sky objects. With a few simple tricks, you’ll find that an off-the-shelf DSLR is all you need.

For many of us, our smartphones have sentenced the DSLR to early retirement. Our smartphones are always ready, don’t require a separate bag, and are always being upgraded. While smartphones are convenient and practical, they lack something critical - low light sensitivity.  Light-gathering power is required to truly capture the grandeur of the universe. That’s where the DSLR comes in. Take it out of the drawer, and prepare to embark on a mind-blowing journey into the endlessly exciting world of astrophotography.

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Starry night sky above the trees, Karoo, South Africa_photo by Heine Wieben Rasmussen, Bliss & Stars.jpg


  • Through the lens - essential settings and helpful hardware

  • Pre-shoot preparation

  • Choosing your location and target

  • Basic astrophotography with DSLR - one-shot night scapes

  • Intermediate DSLR astrophotography. Picture-stacking, post-processing & helpful software