Astronomy is the study of the UNIVERSE

Throughout history, humanity has turned to the night sky as a primary source of worldly inspiration. The cosmos is the world’s most significant compass, storyteller, calendar, and timekeeper. Sailors and wanderers from far and wide have used the stars to reach their destinations. Even farmers have used stars as signals for when to seed or harvest crops. Bright stars tell incredible tales of Gods and fables, handed down from one generation to the next.

Not only have the stars fueled our dreams and stories, but the cosmos continues to flow through our veins today. We are, quite literarily, built from the debris of dying stars. We all look at the same moon, and the stars we see today look almost identical to those witnessed by the world’s first humans. We ask the same questions they did, turning to the stars for answers. Modern astronomy is no different, analyzing the cosmos in pursuit of dark energy and the theory of everything. 

At Bliss & Stars, we serve “Down-to-Earth” astronomy. We deliver experiences of all shapes and sizes, ranging from star-based meditations to astronomy with stargazing introductions, to a more scientifically advanced astrophotography approach that uses large computer-controlled telescopes.